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Detect5 Progressive Pregnancy Test: Confirm with Confidence

The Detect5 Progressive Pregnancy Test is an exciting innovation in home pregnancy testing. By measuring 5 different levels of the pregnancy hormone (hCG) on one test stick, Detect5 provides you with a more complete picture of your hCG status than has ever before been available in a non-clinical setting.

Detect5 Progressive Pregnancy Test: Not your mother’s home pregnancy test!

Believe it or not, home pregnancy testing wasn’t even possible until the late 1970s. The first home pregnancy test (HPT) was introduced into the marketplace in 1978: this test sold for $10 (about $55 in today’s dollars) and included, according to an advertisement that appeared in Mademoiselle, “pre-measured ingredients consisting of a vial of purified water, a test tube containing, among other things, sheep red blood cells…as well as a medicine dropper and clear plastic support for the test tube, with an angled mirror at the bottom.”  After considerable mixing and watching and waiting, this test produced a positive or negative result with accuracy, but took at least 2 hours to complete.

While not easy or quick to use, this first generation of at home pregnancy tests definitely revolutionized women’s health care in that it made it possible for a woman to confirm pregnancy in the privacy of her own home, without having to consult a doctor. Fortunately, over the past several decades, significant advancements have been made in home pregnancy testing. Modern home pregnancy tests now produce results in mere minutes, and are more sensitive to the pregnancy hormone (hCG), allowing earlier detection with a higher degree of accuracy. 

And, now there is the Detect5 Progressive Pregnancy Test: the newest generation of home pregnancy tests. Detect5 is the first home pregnancy test that allows you to measure 5 different levels of the pregnancy hormone (hCG) on one test stick.

How is Detect5 different from a "regular" home pregnancy test?

Typical home pregnancy tests (HPTs) perform one simple, yet important, task: an HPT will tell you if the levels of pregnancy hormone (hCG) in your urine are above or below a single established threshold. If your level is determined to be above that threshold, a positive result is displayed and you can safely assume that pregnancy has been achieved. For example, a pregnancy test calibrated to detect 25 miu/ml hCG will yield a positive result when hCG levels in the urine exceed the 25 miu/ml level, and it will yield a negative result at levels below that threshold. In short, a traditional home pregnancy test will tell you if you are pregnant - but nothing more.

On the other hand, the patented Detect5 Pregnancy Test is designed to provide you with a more comprehensive picture of your urine-based pregnancy hormone status. Detect5 actually consists of 5 different pregnancy tests on one test stick, wherein each of the tests is calibrated to a different sensitivity level of the pregnancy hormone, hCG. The five levels tested for with Detect5 are 25 miu/ml, 100 miu/ml, 500 miu/ml, 2,000 miu/ml, and 10,000 miu/ml.

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Instead of yielding just one result (positive or negative), the Detect5 Pregnancy Test allows you to determine where your urine-based hCG levels fall at any given time within a spectrum of levels ranging from just 25 miu/ml all the way up to 10,000 miu/ml and beyond. For example, a newly pregnant woman in her first trimester who receives a positive result on the 25 miu/ml and 100 miu/ml tests, but a negative result at 500 miu/ml, 2,000 miu/ml, and 10,000 miu/ml, can conclude that her urine-based hCG levels fall somewhere between 100 miu/ml and 500 miu/ml. Subsequent testing with the Detect5 Progressive Pregnancy Test throughout a normal pregnancy would be expected to identify increasing hCG concentrations in urine.

Trust the patented Detect5 Progressive Pregnancy Test to provide you with more information about your hCG (pregnancy hormone) status than any other home pregnancy test available!

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